How to confirm If your wig is real human hair
How to confirm If your wig is real human hair

Wig become more and more popular in recently years, every girl have at least two wigs preparing for different occasion. Some customer know hair products very well, they always could buy high quality with low price products, but some customers know a little

about the human hair products, they are even not familiar with the terms of the human hair products. Not even mention to buy a high quality products.

How to confirm If your wig is made of real human hair is a very hot topic. Some wigs is actually made of 100% human hair which is collected from one healthy donor, some wig is made of animal such as yak. Some wigs is made of synthetic material. Different

material has different feature and different price, you could choose the wig material according to your needs, If you want to change your style very often, you could choose the synthetic material, it is very cheap and bring new style. If you want to dye. Perm,

bleach your hair, you could choose the 100% human hair. Thus can handle heat from a variety of styling tools and has the appearance and feel of natural hair. Human hair wigs may be custom cut, styled and colored to your specifications, Especially, our wigs has

more than 10 texture available and 20 color available, it could meet your requirement for different occasion.

Human hair wigs has lots of trait, but the most important trait is that the wig could be washed, perm, styled and so on. So when you want to buy a human hair wigs, you should ask the customer service these questions, If the answer is yes, there hair products

definitely are 100% human hair. But the human hair needs to be taken good care, you should treat it like yourself hair. We do not recommend sleeping, showering or swimming during wear the wig.

As a professional wigs crafting company, our company has more than 20 years experience in crafting all kinds of human hair products, It include lace front wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs, colorful wigs is our hot-sale products. If you are confused to choose a suitable

color, please contact with our professional customer service [email protected]. We will try our best to help you make a good choice.