How to dye a real human hair?
How to dye a real human hair?

Most of us are so keen on changing our looks and getting new hairstyles, So the texture Body wavekinky curlyKinky straight are so popular in today's market. What's more, since we can't get our hair color changed too often, because our natural hair would get so much destroyed by the chemical use, so more and more person like to purchase the ombre color wigs as substitution such as #6131B/99J , Pink and so on.

But some person still want to try some special color which has not shown in today's market, so they want to dye the hair by themselves. This needs a very professional techniques. Since most people lack the right kind of knowledge about how to dye a wig, I have organise some professional techniques to help you with how to dye a wig.

Keep in mind, You need to buy the high quality dye and hair developer. In addition, you should only darken human hair wigs. Don’t try to lighten the hair, as the bleach used in lighter hair colors can weaken the hair on the wig. Find a 20 volume hair developer. A lower volume may be too weak. A 20 volume developer will let you change the color by one or two shades while a volume 30 will let you make the hair even darker. In most cases, a 20 volume  developer will be sufficient.

1. Prepare a large space and all the tools, such as a pair of glove, your wig, the dye and the 20 volume develper and so on. 

2. Mix the dye and the developer in a plastic bowl. Read the instructions on your dye to see how much dye you should combine with the developer. Mix with a plastic spoon. If the dye looks a little light, don't worry. It will darken over time.

3.Applying the Dye. Test the dye on a few strands of hair. With your fingers or a small paintbrush, apply the dye to a small section of hair. This should be somewhere that is not easily seen. Wait thirty or forty minutes. If you like the color, apply it to the rest of the wig. If you don’t like the color, try a different shade of hair dye.

4.Soak the wig in the dye. Place the wig in the bowl with the dye. With your hands, gently scoop the dye over the wig and spread it through the layers of the wig. Be gentle. Try not to roughly rub the dye into the wig.

5.Set the wig onto a wig stand. A wig stand will keep your wig's shape and style intact after you dye it. Place the wig on the stand as you would put it on your own head. Secure the wig to the stand using T-pins.